Suspension Repairs in Falkirk


Suspension Repairs In Larbert, Falkirk

Your vehicle’s suspension system is a complex series of mechanicals which work together to make your car drive like new, every time.

The foundation of every car is its suspension system. Both the comfort and performance of your vehicle is dependent upon having a properly serviced suspension system.

If you notice your car is no longer handling as it used to, trust us to check it out for you. Allow our 40 years of mechanical experience to look after your suspension system.

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Suspension Repair & Replacement FAQs

How do I know if my suspension is damaged?

Some of the signs that you might need your suspension looked at can be:

  • Car pulling to the side while driving
  • Feeling an increase in bouncing or bumps on the road
  • Difficulty while steering
  • Vehicle sitting lower on one side
  • Overly greasy/oily shock absorbers
  • Nose diving forward when braking

What’s the average lifespan of car suspension?

This a based on a number of factors such as driving style and road conditions. However, on average suspension systems can last for 5 years.

What mileage should I be thinking about getting my suspension replaced?

Depending on road and driving conditions you could expect to get to upwards of 75,000 miles with normal conditions, but around 40,000 with heavy use like towing and rough roads.