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Exhaust Repairs

Exhaust Replacement & Repair Centre in Larbert, Falkirk

Your car’s engine needs a steady supply of oxygen to function effectively. And the only way for it to get that supply is through a working exhaust system. We make sure you receive the most efficient and dependable service possible.

We understand how important your car is to you, and that’s why we treat it with the same care as you. Your exhaust could be the culprit behind your vehicle’s poor engine performance. We can fit, repair, and maintain exhausts for any make or model of vehicle.

We use JLM lubrication treatments to maintain an uninterrupted flow of fuel for a smooth drive and to remove impurities in your exhausts. Forte helps make sure that your car maintains a high performance at all times.

At Lawson AutoTech we specialise in exhausts, including catalytic converters, for all makes of car. We can replace any part of the system to ensure you benefit from improved sound and reduced emissions.

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CAr Exhaust FAQs

Should I be concerned about smoke coming from my exhaust?

Pay attention to when the smoke is coming from your exhaust. Is it when you are stationary or accelerating or just constant? Also, what is the colour? It’s always best to get your exhaust checked out at the first sign of a problem. Although the colour and timing of the smoke could be ok, it could be something more serious.

Why is my exhaust noisy all of a sudden?

This can be caused by a hole on part of your exhaust system and a sign that you should get your exhaust checked out before it causes further damage.

What are the common exhaust problems to look out for?

You should be looking out for:

  • Leaks
  • Smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Rust
  • Increased engine noise
  • Vibrations
  • Dashboard lights