DPF Doctor Barry shares his knowledge & experience in Newcastle

On 11 May our owner and expert mechanic Barry, was invited to speak at DC Lubricants’ annual DPF Doctor Conference in Newcastle. They asked him to share his experiences and provide advice on dealing with DPF issues. He was honoured to speak at the conference and had a fantastic weekend meeting a group of like-minded business owners and vehicle technicians. It’s always a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and new to discuss all things about the motor industry.

Image of DPF Doctors and mechanics at the DPF Doctor conference in Newcastle


In Barry’s speech, he shared some case studies he has dealt with in the garage. He chose to talk about work that gets passed to him from other garages under the assumption that the DPF is at fault.

Customers often tell us that they need a DPF Clean when they book their car in as that is what another garage has told them. We will never accept this information and act on it directly. We will always start our work with a DPF Assessment as we often find the problem is something completely different. You car error code may state the problem is with the DPF but that is just where the vehicle’s ECU software is seeing a symptom. It doesn’t always mean that is the root cause.

Sometimes we find that another garage has cleared the error codes which has led us up the garden path many times in the past.

With this experience, we have developed our own system to deal with DPF issues. Your vehicle is designed to go into regeneration under normal driving conditions. If it has an underlying problem it may result in the DPF blocking up, therefore we have to find the root cause of the issue before bringing the DPF back to the correct specifications. This has saved us time and the customer money which results in a better experience for our customers.

signs to be aware of

If you have gone to another garage with a DPF error showing on your vehicle you should be concerned if the garage carries out any of these practices:

  • Error Codes
    Error codes are there for a reason. They shouldn’t be cleared without further investigation as the vehicle’s control unit will set the code and restrict power to protect components.
    It is not good practice to clear the error and then drive the vehicle with high revs up the motorway to see if it clears the DPF. This could damage other components and cost you more money for a bigger fix.

  • Regeneration
    A forced DPF regeneration can lead to internal damage if the conditions aren’t right.

  • Drilling
    Drilling a hole in the DPF may let the pressure down but it instantly destroys the DPF.


Dealing with a DPF error incorrectly can lead to further damage to your vehicle which in turn means a larger bill to rectify all the problems. This is why it is important to take your vehicle to a garage that has had DPF training. You can feel safe with garages that are accredited members of the DPF Doctor network.

issues that could trigger a dpf error

Issues we have seen that caused a DPF error include driving too many short journeys, a faulty sensor and a damaged component in the intake system.

If your vehicle is displaying DPF errors, please get in touch or book an appointment online with our DPF Doctor.

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