DPF Cleaning in Falkirk

DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning and Repairs in Larbert, Falkirk

When it comes to your car’s diesel particulate filter, our team offers the highest level of service, ensuring that everything is working as it should for you.

DPF faults are quite common and often indicative of underlying problems. It is crucial to diagnose any faults before proceeding with a DPF clean to prevent the issue from recurring. Simply cleaning the DPF, or adding an additive may turn out the light for a short time, but it will not clear the problematic fault.

At Lawson AutoTech, we are proud to be Accredited Members of the DPF Doctor network. Our extensive DPF Doctor training equips us to pinpoint DPF faults and their associated issues. We will rectify any problems responsible for triggering your DPF warning light before carrying out the DPF clean. This way, you can expect enduring and effective results.

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What is a DPF clean & why do I need one?

The DPF cleaning carried out by the team at Lawson AutoTech is a process that uses chemicals to unblock excessively blocked diesel particulate filters. It is an effective solution for any car owner who has reached the end of their tether with their diesel car. Lawson AutoTech provides this service in-house, so we are never reliant on others for a result.

What is a DPF warning

If you have a DPF warning light then don’t panic. You can easily clear this problem by driving the car for 20 minutes and holding a steady speed of 60 MPH or more. If the light goes out, then your DPF has been cleaned out naturally. Just keep up regular maintenance to avoid this issue in the future.

What is a DPF assessment?

You may well have heard of a DPF clean. However, the DPF light coming on in your car might be down to other factors. So cleaning it without assessing the root cause of the problem first is essential to ensure the problem gets fixed right first time. That’s why we always carry out an assessments at Lawson AutoTech.