Car Diagnositics in Falkirk

Car Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics in Larbert, Falkirk

If your car isn’t running right, or you’re wondering what that light on your dashboard means, then make a trip to see us.

Lawson AutoTech offers the most complex diagnostics to verify fault codes and determine specific problems within your vehicle. Our car mechanics have spent years of training polishing their craft, ensuring your experience is extraordinary.

We’re your high-end car diagnostic experts, using state of the art diagnostic equipment to find faults in your vehicle.

For booking enquires or help and advice regarding servicing your vehicle or any of our other services.


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Car Diagnostics FAQs

What exactly is car diagnostics?

Automotive computers are essential to the control and monitoring of many systems in your vehicle. And just like every computer, there’s updates, or conflicts that can happen which can completely change how your car runs. Making sure that your car is running at optimal efficiency will avoid bigger problems down the line and make your driving experience more enjoyable.

What should I do if a light comes on my dashboard?

Check your vehicle handbook to see what the issue may well be.

The lights tend to be colour coded, so yellow/orange is something that needs attentions. Red or flashing typically indicates something urgent.

If you’re ever in doubt, you can call and ask our expert team.

Can I still drive my car with the dashboard light on?

Once you’ve established what is wrong, or have spoken to one of our expert team. We can tell you whether you are safe to drive to the garage or whether you need to arrange recovery.